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Manie Taljaard

Manie Taljaard

SEQ&T Manager

Manie joined the Byrnecut Group in 2010 as an Occupational Health, Safety and Training Manager at our Voskhod operation in Kazakhstan (Central Asia Mining) and joined the Byrnecut Offshore corporate management team in 2013.

Manie has over 24 years’ experience in various underground mining methodologies and mine supervision. In his career to date, he has held various supervisory and SEQT managerial roles in countries including Tanzania, Nigeria, India, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Manie currently leads the Byrnecut Offshore group of international SEQT departments throughout our extensive portfolio of international operations, conducting site audits, managing the implementation and adherence to the company policies, plans and systems, statistical reporting, incident investigations and is involved in various innovative departmental solutions.